Saturday, 14 August 2010

holiday plans revised

3gracesAnother week dashes past and could have led to the start of some holiday time, but the Fates have contrived other things because of some immediate work commitments. I'm sure we'll be rescheduling something else later but short term I'll continue to keep nose and grindstone aligned.

Today I'd considered a spot of cycling but I'll admit the incessant downpours tricked me into submission. I'll be out in the morning though, whatever the weather.

The email from the bike scheme today said that Londoners have cycled 100k journeys now in the first two weeks, which is in keeping with my average of 2 journeys as one of the 45,000 members. My journeys have also been in the sub 30 minute range but unlike others I've been lucky with finding bikes and docking stations probably because one of my journeys was on a Sunday and the other in the early afternoon.

I suspect its a good decision to start the scheme in mid Summer without allowing casual users, so that the teething problems of full docking stations, unpredictable usage patterns and erratic software can be ironed out ready for a more concerted use on 2011.

If the scheme introduces a new layer to the London transport infrastructure, alongside private bikes, then it will be a good addition.

Accentuate the positive. So I'll be thinking of my current additional working interlude in terms of the Graces, rather then the Fates. Joy, beauty and charm.

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