Friday, 30 July 2010

all about the bike

all about the bikeBack to the seaside today, across to the Island ahead of tomorrow's appointment at Queen Victoria's old house. Yesterday saw a late finish in order to get everything done and despite the holiday season there seems to be plenty happening at work, which is keeping me busy.

On the ferry I started reading the bicycle book by Rob Penn, about his construction of a purpose built machine woven with the history of the bicycle. It's way more fanciful than any of my construction projects, but I can identify with the ingenuity.

Coincidentally, and to the amusement of others, a few weeks ago I ordered some 'bike parts' which arrived in an oversized un-smuggle-able box and have since been quietly assembling another machine in the garage. By comparison with the book's £3,500 budget, my paltry expenditure pales into insignificance, but I have a sneaking suspicion its almost as much fun (alright, without the travel to exotic locations to acquire headsets and sprockets).

But my cycle construction project must wait as I am away again for the next couple of weekends, although I have already finished reading the book, which I think only re-inforces the need to ride around on two wheels.

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