Wednesday, 9 June 2010

world cup willie

worldcup1966The marketing of the World Cup has stepped up over the last few days. This morning, I noticed smug television segments beamed from airports in South Africa as reporters arrived and its not hard to spot England flags sprouting from cars as well as substantial pub redecoration in time for the occasion.

Like the Olympics, there's a special mascot for the event, which is a sort of green and yellow leopard - in South African colours and named Zakumi - which is "ZA" = South Africa and "Kumi" = ten.

world cup willie 2010Of course, England once had a world cup mascot "World Cup Willie" - which had all but disappeared until this time around. I think it was used properly back in 1966 and even sported a Union flag instead of the England flag. I see the 2010 re-make has moved to an England strip and even features one of those little stars.

Now I must wait to see which team I am awarded in the Office Sweepstake.

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