Thursday, 17 June 2010


Another evening on the motorways, tonight with a surprising number of high-performance police vehicles overtaking me along the outside lane.

There was a mixture of cars comprising unmarked saloons with blue lights and chequered motorway units and they passed me at few minute intervals.

At one stage I thought it was some kind of training exercise, as they sped along with their headlights doing that alternate flashing thing.

Then later I saw a few trucks flashing their emergency lights and a helicopter hovering over a field adjacent to the motorway. As I drove closer I could see the extensive collection of police cars pulled onto the hard shoulder and what appeared to be an extra car being searched whilst its occupants were being escorted to one of the waiting police vehicles.

Of course, my eyes were mainly on the traffic ahead, but it certainly looked as if some drama was playing out by the roadside.

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