Thursday, 10 June 2010

business on the road

One of those days where in the morning I'm passing the elephants that currently stand in the middle of Sloane Square and by the evening I'm in the Lake District. Along the way I've dialled various conference meetings before the longish drive to the other side of the Lakes.

At some point along the way I stopped in the Pennines to buy some milk before everywhere closed and as I exited my air conditioned car I caught the blast of Pennine air with grass, peat, and a dampness that reminded me of trekking around the area with a backpack.

Tonight's stop was brief before onward chasing the late night sun, which was setting far more towards the North than we customarily see down South. Indeed, as it approach eleven pm, there was still light on the horizon and almost a sense of early morning.

But I had to reach my evening destination, to be 'in position' for Friday.

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