Sunday, 9 May 2010


The Ghost
Enjoyable tapas yesterday evening after watching the Polanski movie about an exiled ex-Prime Minister having his memoirs ghosted. Quite a reasonable plot line actually, with Ewan McGregor filling the gaps after a previous ghost writer fell into the sea, so to speak.

Of course, the UK plotline continued too, with a most entertaining interlude yesterday afternoon when the 'take back Parliament' protestors argued for electoral reform outside Clegg's meeting in Smith Square. There were some peaceful protests with people carrying speech bubbles behind the commentators doing 'to camera' narratives live.

Action then moved to Parliament Square and the Sky team's commentary box, which was heckled following two rather hectoring interviews with some of the polite but not particularly media hardened protestors. A third guy being interviewed smiled as he was overtaken by the sounds from protestors and unusually Sky pulled the plugs and dropped into a screensaver.

Meantime, Mr Brown headed for Fife, so any weekend 'power negotiations' with Clegg would have been by phone, but has then returned perhaps for a face-to-face update plea with Clegg before tomorrow's resignation news breaks?
dead air

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