Saturday, 22 May 2010

dream dna sequence

A few days ago, over dinner, I was briefly describing one of my dreams and the people present were somewhat surprised at what they saw as bizarre content. Readers of this blog will know better.

To be honest, I can't even remember the dream properly now (as is the way) but I expect my more recent ones are equally 'imaginative'.

But instead of describing one, I thought I'd select a few components from the last few days that could easily make an interesting dream sequence or probably at least appear in a few of the newspapers as cartoons.

Which components to select?

1) The UK coalition - Clegg and Cameron - "Claggeron"?
2) The roll-on deodorant shaped mascots for the Olympics.
3) "Synthia", the newly created and self replicating life-form created by re-booting a dormant bacteria using a chemically generated DNA strip.
4) Any other set of recent newsworthy twins - Jedward is a bit old but has the right type of hairstyle

So my dream sequence could be something that creates a new lifeform, which somehow mutates into orange and blue pairs, with identical hairstyles and then takes over the world/economy?

Truth/Fiction/Dream? - You decide...

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