Thursday, 20 May 2010

crossing the alps a couple of times

The AlpsWell, I'm back from Milano, after a couple of good flights over the Alps, captured here on my iPhone.

I used to work in Milan and my return trips always evoke the hustle and bustle of the place. Right from landing in Linate, walking down the old-school stairs to the tarmac and picking up a bus back to the terminal, past the vast hangar decorated with "Giorgio Armani" written in huge neon.

Then to the 'non-queue' for the passports and eventually into the terminal to be greeted by a suited driver wearing wraparound shades always with a black Mercedes that speeds through the special lanes of the city, avoiding most of the lines of traffic.

Milan's traffic is 'imaginative' with interesting manoeuvres and very advanced parking techniques.

When I left the city, my check-in was almost too late, and I had to be phoned through from the desk to the plane check-in. I sat in the return flight with that once-familiar feeling of 'powering down' after spending time in the city.

Here's one I prepared they say.

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