Sunday, 14 March 2010

movie making interlude

Helping out with a bit of movie editing today in Final Cut Studio. The project has a one hour duration with probably 300 camera cuts involved and I've been putting them together for a DVD. It's really part of the bubbleandsqueek enterprises, and I'm just helping out, but its been quite interesting.

The toughest part has been to get the sound and action resynchronised because one of the cameras had inaccurate timecodes and everything was off by a variable amount from one to three seconds. I've literally had to count the frames to get it back in line.

That and cleaning up the sound which had some unfortunate traffic sounds in a few places that had leaked into the soundtrack. Some Soundtrack Pro editing and filtering seems to have fixed it.

Anyway, we've made a test cut of the whole thing at a very low resolution (in the interests of speed) and played it back through a big plasma screen and its looking pretty good. Now it needs the titles and some additional graphics added and then a massive re-render and then it will be a completed item.

The first cinema type screening is not for a couple of months, so we still have plenty of time.

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