Tuesday, 16 March 2010

cowboy bebop redux

cowboy bebop
I could hear a faint Japanese song playing somewhere in the darkened rashbre central, when I realised that I'd somehow left a DVD in the system on the menu loop. It was on a very low volume and sounded quite ghostly.

My guilty secret was out.

I'd been waiting for the (quite old) movie version of Cowboy Bebop to arrive after hunting it down and this had led into a short manga-fest whilst I'd been eating curry at home alone.

Many will be familiar with the early 2000s TV series, but I'd never seen this most enjoyable movie version, with one of those complex plotlines that twists and turns involving terrorist tanker explosions, nanobots and all manner of car, train and space cruiser chase.

I hear they are making a live action movie now along the lines of The Matrix, but Cowboy Bebop (basically about bounty hunters in a spaceship) stands alone as an action manga sci-fi set of stories, with some stunning graphics, plenty of good one-liners and some excellent humour. Here's the original trailer from the movie.

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