Saturday, 20 March 2010

i can hear the grass grow

bodum warnings
A groggy Saturday morning as I've been stumbling through newspapers and drinking coffee before we hit the road to visit friends for the weekend. The rain has turned to a 45 degree sleet and everything is looking grey rather than the sort of bright rain of April showers and Spring.

Nonetheless, the grass, snowdrops and daffodils will enjoy it.

From looking outwards, my attention is then drawn back to the kitchen and the small coffee maker which has just recovered from its broken glass.

I can't help noticing that a once minimalist item now sports two A4 pages worth of warning notices in multiple languages about handling it and that it may contain hot liquids.

What? Why? It's a glass coffee maker.

Does anyone read all of this small print etched onto the glass? I think not. It's there because some lawyers have decided its necessary to comply with regulations and liability. A form of industrial graffiti. Set it in CAPITALS and it will be fine.

The last one broke because it was made of glass and we dropped it.

It didn't say anything about that in the small print.

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