Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Axis: Bold as Love

A few days ago I put up the short video of Jimi Hendrix playing 'Bleeding Heart' live at Glastonbury 2010 in some kind of parallel universe. It concludes with Michael Eavis in a Land Rover picking up the folk who'd wanted to say they'd played the Pyramid. Sony music decided it wasn't suitable for Youtube though and have removed it.

This replacement post is a Hendrix guitar lesson in the blues on a stage still littered with speaker systems stencilled with 'The Who'.

My original post related to the anniversary of Hendrix and I notice a new album of unreleased tracks has just been issued.

What I've found interesting is another different new release, which is the remaster of Axis:Bold as Love. There's a new 2010 version which has been freshened up from the two track(!) master tapes.

Alongside the great Hendrix material is a little DVD of Eddie Kramer, who engineered most of the Hendrix music. It's a great little 20 or so minutes as he talks through several of the tracks and plays around with the engineering, so that you can hear how the relatively simple 4 track mixing technology was used.

The video has him sitting at a mixing deck and as he plays with the controls you hear the differences in the sound. For someone like me who messes around with this technology for fun, it's fascinating to see a master at work.

Kramer has also been a photographer and his own site kramer archives has some great photos of various bands he worked with including Hendrix, Zeppelin, Zappa and many others.

And the same package also includes a couple of samples of Hendrix lyric writing, complete with the scribbles.

Quite a good way to spend ten quid.

Axis : Bold as Love

Update: they unblocked the Glastonbury video too...

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