Saturday, 6 March 2010

6music radio comparisons

Before I get onto my gambling, I thought I'd drop an extra little post in today about the ongoing debate about radio station playlists. There's some interesting differences between the commercial channels with their circa 500 track playlists (very limited DJ autnomy) and the broader tastes available on some of the other channels.

Take Capital FM 226 unique tracks over the last 30 days. 12 tracks in common with 6music.
Or the more indie/rock XFM London with its 540 unique tracks over the same period including 226 with 6music.
Maybe a softer cored Heart with its 508 unique tracks and 22 in common with 6music.

And how many unique tracks did 6music play? 3,258. About 6 times as many. Of course you still need to like the music. I think the only one to compete on variety would be Radio 2, but their 2,392 unique tracks have a rather different audience profile.

"Those Charts In Full" as might say.

6music and CapitalFM
6radio compared with CapitalFM
6music and XFM London
6radio compared with XFM London
6music compared with Radio 2
6radio compared with Radio 2

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