Saturday, 27 February 2010

New York Love Song

Brooklyn Bridge
Half an hour of further songwriting today, as I tried to make a New York song to round out FAWM.

I listed a few places on a sheet of paper and have linked them together with a bit of a story. Instead of trying to do the whole city in three or four verses, I've decided its better to hang around in one area and ground the lyrics from that point.

Its probably still the transatlantic equivalent of 'Mary Poppins does London Town', but its something to knock into shape later and maybe add some Velvet Underground style guitar licks.

Its on the FAWM Page here.

nico and andy

Worryingly thats number 19 of 14.

Although my last song's New York Chelsea girl reminded me of Nico. So now I'm thinking a techno 20 would be a good way to round it off, perhaps with female vocals and a slightly German accent. So here it is....the bonkers last track

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