Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Aperture 3 - 32 bit and 64 bit working fine

aperture 3
Moving my photos onto Aperture 3. Its taking a few hours, because its trying to recognise all of the faces. Will leave it to run overnight.

1) It took about 6 hours to process and convert an around 80,000 photo library
2) It has made a reasonable attempt at guessing the faces, but theres some laughable mistakes too.
3) The GPS tagging is very quick and useful and integrates with google Maps.
4) It booted Aperture into 64bit mode, but most of my third party plug-ins are still 32bit.
5) Now its completed the processing, its speed is about the same as previously.
6) There's a lot of new functionality, much of which save jumping across to Photoshop or similar
7) The new RAW support handles my Lumix cameras (at last)

I like it and its a noticeable improvement on something that was already pretty good.

Technical moment - running Aperture in 32 bit mode
I've changed back to 32 bit mode for the time being. Its easy to do, there's a little box in Finder 'Get Info' for the application which needs to be ticked and then Aperture starts in 32 bit mode. All my old Third Party plug-ins work fine (eg from Nik, Genuine Fractals, Noise Ninja, One etc). I'll flip to 64 bit once the plug-in fixes appear.

If the little box is missing (for some users), then reboot holding down the shift key (ie Safe Mode). Once its booted, the tick box is installed. Then re-boot again. I have to say this is a most un-Apple like thing to need to do though.

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