Sunday, 10 January 2010

movies to watch in snow

We've changed the original plans for today and will spend considerably more time at home. Maybe watch a movie later.

Need good ones with snow themes (in no order):

- Edward Scissorhands * where snow comes from
- Fargo * classy, complex snow, sky and blood spatters
- Let the right one in * vampires done right
- Nightmare before Christmas * not pure xmas movie
- Blow * a different type of snow
- Doctor Zhivago * 3 hour epic
- Help * Yay, Beatles
- Snow White and Seven Dwarves * gotta have a Disney (Bambi?)
- The Golden Compass * Dark materials done well
- Jack Frost * just scrapes in
- Bridget Jones Diary * snowy start and end
- The Shining * poor Jack
- Into the Wild * brilliant road movie
- Bits of James Bond movies * too complicated to itemise
- Superman II * prefer Superman I
- Jeremiah Johnson * adventure in the mountains
- Groundhog Day * always watchable * always watchable
- Manhattan * Beth's great suggestion
- The Chronicles of Narnia * Tilda forever
- A Simple Plan * can go wrong
- Ice Station Zebra * proper cold war
- Gorky Park * ice and icepicks
- Kill Bill I * spectacular at a cinema
- The Thing * classic Carpenter
- Ice Storm
- Ice Age
- The Empire Strikes Back
- Dreamcatcher

I like most of the above (to the ==, anyway). Please help me out if you can think of others?

The early morning snow (5/10) has stopped and if I believe the various weather and gulf-stream predictions, it could be the start of the change around of wind directions and an increase in temperatures.

I may make another short trip into the world of the white witches later, prior to tomorrow's expedition back to the car and then onward to the world of commerce.

Let the right one in - Toned-down US Trailer + surface reviewers - I decided the original Scandinavian trailer is too scary

and the book to read...Snow Crash, of course.

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