Wednesday, 6 January 2010

milk run

igloo inhabited
Its always good to keep one's hand in at building igloos. Better to make individual ice bricks and then shape them.

When I headed out to buy some milk, I found the lack of people coupled with the mix of white and some of the already ash coloured snow was somehow reminiscent of the book I'd just read.

Near home the snow was around 30 cms deep and on adjacent paths it had packed down although the few footprints were easily delineated.
P1010250 There were almost no cars. A few slow moving four wheel drives with mysterious lumps on them, reshaped by snow. And a tractor with a snow-plough.

When I arrived at Tesco's there was a mere smattering of cars in the large car park.

Yet Tesco's shelves were already relatively empty. All of the 'normal' milk types had gone yet I didn't fancy brandy flavoured cream. I don't know what the turnover must be, but one day without a truck delivery seemed to have left a pretty large hole. I found some one pint containers of semi-skimmed, which was all they had left.
footbridgeI Then, with a backpack full of my shopping goodies, I took a different route home through the train station and then past housing where I could count snowmen.
There were plenty.

Tall ones, short ones, crooked ones, artistic ones, bodged together quickly ones.

As well as a few more igloos. And a couple of ice-sofas and dino-cars.

It looks as if they will all be around for a few more days.

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