Sunday, 3 January 2010

division of labour

Almost back to normal stuff today. We've still got some snow on the ground here at the moment, but I've enough household chores to keep me away from the ice.

There's packing away various seasonal entertainments, repairing a few minor domestic damages and broken light bulbs. Determining whether any of the extra festive cheeses have gone critical. Arranging sundry empty wine bottles to not look too copious when the collectors arrive to take them away. Wondering how so many clothes have entered the laundry basket. Finding a new place to hang the Swiss triclimate fusion jackets. Trying to invent a meal from the spectacularly unusual remnants of the food in the fridge. Emptying excess chains, folding spades and telescopic sticks from the boot of the car. Re-assembling a collection of work equipment for tomorrow. Stacking a few new books on the reading pile.

The sun is shining. Maybe I will go out instead.

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