Saturday, 23 January 2010

different names for the same thing

I watched that old Nick Hornby film recently. High Fidelity. The one about the record store. And lists.

Then today, I spent about half an hour uploading a few CDs from Christmas into iTunes. At the same time I noticed a build-up of duplicate tracks in the main iTunes listing.

Time to delete a few.
I started by doing it manually. Then I remembered I was using a computer. Download Tidysongs and set it loose.

It found about 1400 duplicates in 10 minutes. All gone now. It wasn't put off by the Bjork "Army of Me" remix collection.

The genre classification wasn't quite so good, putting a number of UK artists into a category called 'Europe' and a few more artists into one called 'Canada'. It also struggled with the album covers, even when it was on a run it would skip random tracks.

Anyway. Back to mainly non-duplicated tunes. With a few random cover-arts.

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