Tuesday, 15 September 2009

perhaps thats the point of it all

Very occasionally I look at my search engine stats and it usually prompts a smile and a thought that I could help that person further (if only...).

Today's "cucumber London" is a case in point. I think I know what they were getting at. So here's an hour of search terms hitting rashbre central, in sequence with a few linking words to make more of a story.

A cold latte before a deep dive.
make this perfect dream.

Not only the nice girls know
how to short the market.
It's no future science since
neil armstrong on the moon

vivienne westwood punk,
doctor who 11 with a few
cardboard boxes or joanna kelly, curling producer
and power tools in a
convent garden create a
countryside scene.

Outside, the book shop signals
as an autumn faery
crosses the cucumber london, figarude.

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