Monday, 17 August 2009

uncrushed by the wheels of industry

yellow man 2
Back in't smoke today, celebrated with a trip to the office ultra early and picking up a prime parking spot. I seem to have side-stepped the effects of time zone changes, although I sometimes wonder if it's partly because I spend so much time working with the USA in any case.

Tonight, as an example, I thought my last meeting would be at 20:00, but it was then cancelled and replaced with a different one at 20:30. 'I thought you were based in the States', came the explanatory email later. Luckily, the replacement meeting gave me a chance to drive home in the gap, so I'm now feet up sipping tea before the 20:30 call starts.

So contrary to usual post holiday situations, I don't feel as squashed as the yellow stikman graffiti art which I've been noticing on some pedestrian crossings.
yellow man 3

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