Friday, 28 August 2009

mac reboot needed

time to reboot the mac
Once in a blue moon, for sure, but I think I will need a reboot of the mac sometime soon.

It is ages since I posted anything Mac-related. Probably a sign that everything is mainly working.

The iMac update for Snow Leopard was flawless after a few clicks to start and then everything just happened in around 45 minutes. I had to answer 'yes' once at the end when it spotted a couple of teensy PowerMac applications and installed Rosetta to run them.

For my MacBook Pro I noticed the disk space appears to have an extra 12Gb back after the 35 minute update. Even the printers and my strange music hardware still work.

Now, after a few hours of use, I notice that the system does seem to be running smoothly and quite responsively. I seem to have a suitably excessive number of big programs (PS, FCP, Logic, Aperture, iMovie, tweetdeck, Safari) running and everything is still stable and quick.

Tomorrow I may update the Mini that runs the television's media support.

Then maybe Logic with its 9 DVDs and FCS with similar. Gulp.

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