Friday, 14 August 2009

later that same day

Some tough decisions today.

Should we spend the day on the beach maybe sipping the occasional pina colada and margarita, or should we explore further afield?

Rather sensibly, we recognized that the place we are staying is a 'destination' for many and it would be slightly odd to move elsewhere. And fortunately the sun awoke early and has been with us all day, so ambling between beach and swimming pool seems a sensible solution.

When I was first on the shore at daybreak, the tide had hidden a couple of the sandbars. Later in the day they were exposed, along with a selection of seals, who later decided to play around within easy reach of the shore's edge.

So I've had a rather relaxed day and even made some enjoyable inroads into the new Thomas Pynchon novel "Inherent Vice". I must save some for the flight, though.
chatham beach, cape cod

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