Friday, 14 August 2009


Five thirty this morning and I was on the beach. Watching the sunrise. Vee-shaped patterns of birds overhead, a couple of noisy gulls and the sea. Savour the moment before walking the few steps back to the beachside cottage we're in for the last couple of days here.
Earlier yesterday we managed the statutory Taco Bell stop at a random spot on the 6 parked up next to a white car with a huge HDTV sticking from the trunk. We perused the menu and tried for the perfect order without getting tricked but once again had an extra Chilupa and some mystery tacos when the order finally arrived. I would have been slightly disappointed if we'd received exactly what we thought we were ordering.

This morning, as I walked back from the shoreline to the cottage, there was a point where the sound of the waves was overtaken by the hubbub of birds awakening in the nearby bushes. I'm holding my transition back to the hubbub until Monday.

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