Saturday, 15 August 2009

Cod navigation to Logan

Awaking to another beautiful sea view, we decided to round out the trip by heading for the very tip of Cape Cod, before that inevitable moment when we had to turn back towards the airport. A few days earlier we'd been in Cambridge Vermont, close to the Canadian border and considered that to be the most northern point of the trip, so this was a second opportunity to create one of those signifying moments where things flip around.

First a lazy breakfast looking out to sparkling sea, watching the seals amassing on the sand bars and then the final checkout from the timber boarded cottage overlooking the bay.

It was easy enough to follow the Route 6 to Providence and to take in the natural shoreline of the area but more challenging as we turned back towards Boston. Not the first part, where the 6 meandered us back to the mainland nor the next stage where there was still a clear route.

As we approached Boston again, I was reminded of the relative lack of signage and confusing directions which are my experience of American road systems. I guess we are spoilt in the UK with countdown markers, uniform sign style and place names before road junctions. America seems more hit and miss with direction signs and we drifted into some interesting neighbourhoods with indiscriminate double and triple parking along routes with only half hearted street names. I still havn't figured out the way North and South gets used. On the way to Providence (North of Cape Cod), the signs said South. At the end of the route it said North. Heading back, it could have said North (or even South again; it decided to say West).

I was sure we would eventually find Boston (we did - thank you John Hancock Tower) and from there navigated a surprisingly straight route back to Logan airport.

Right now I'm in the lounge waiting for the flight to be called. Next stop Heathrow.

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