Wednesday, 1 July 2009

London Hot Weather Warning Level 3

I didn't know we had such a thing as a hot weather warning level 3 until today, but that's what the weather people were saying this morning.

Plenty of advice about using sun screen and being sure to hydrate.

As I strolled to my meeting in Canary Wharf, I initially noticed the lack of people on the streets - were they taking heed of the 90% risk level? Of course, Canary Wharf has many tunnels which people habitually use to go between the buildings in this area, so maybe everyone was out of sight.

But then, I turned a corner to cut across one of the tree-lined squares and sure enough, it was filled with office workers watching the news on the big screen telly. Encamped on the grass without the aid of any portable furniture (forbidden), but with the aid of many sandwiches, salads and wraps from the subterranean shops.

Amber status heatwave in action.

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