Wednesday, 22 July 2009

infinity nets are the new black

another infinity net
Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves.

The pictures from yesterday of the trees wrapped in red with polkadots are part of a famous Japanese artist's metaphor about reality and infinity. The idea is that the dots are where an infinity net overtakes the reality we all see. It could be like seeing into the atoms of the structure. Seeing behind the everyday form.

Once its in the subconscious its another form of pattern recognition, like noticing masonic eyes and Triangles.

The thing that really surprised me today was seeing a woman in a black dress with Yayoi Kusama's polkadots. She was on the same train and I couldn't help notice the three sizes of dot, just like the ones in the infinity net.

Kusama famously first suffered from mental illness around the time of the first dots appearance and still today is a voluntary patient in a Tokyo mental hospital.

『ディクレアリング インディゴ』 キット登場!

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