Monday, 20 July 2009

I am so sorry. Goodbye

geodesic barbican
Barbican with some typical group lateness before the Sunday gig.

Not me this time, though.

I had time to sample the hibiscus tea of Heather and Ivan Morison's Escape Vehicle Number 4 as part of EXYZT's plans for a changing planet.

The glazed dome on the top of the structure creates a spaceship allusion and the whole device can become a vehicle to transport one away in time of trouble. The conjoined domes are inhabited by a guardian whose task it is to keep the stove lit, water boiled and visitors supplied with hibiscus tea. The guardian has the vocabulary of the words: I, am, so, sorry and goodbye.

Across the way in Dalston, the emergency urban psychoanalysis commando unit, UPIA, are making an investigation into the urban unconscious of the city.

Results next weekend.

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