Thursday, 9 July 2009

alleged hacks hacking hacks off public figures

brickThe technology of digital phones is supposed to make call interception more difficult. By chance I watched the Wire yesterday evening which had an episode about it taking more than a week to get a tap onto a 'pay as you go' mobile.

Today's Guardian allegations imply that there's other weak points to intercept.

My guess is that its through the voicemail, guarded by its massive 4 digit code, which for Orange used to be 1111, for Cellnet/O2 was 8705 and for T-Mobile was 1210. I guess if people change it the most likely substitution will be to their birthday date (ie DDMM* or MMYY).

So any malicious eavesdropper can take a punt that one of the default pins will work, or simply look up the person's birthday.

Three attempts should do it in most cases.

imagesPress to hack rashbre central voicemail

* unless American-influenced, of course.

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