Tuesday, 30 June 2009

today's meeting: cold latte better than hot late

Chilling in an early, sunny cafe this morning.

The default latte has given way to iced coffee, which is served in industrial portions. Unlike the continent, there is no side glass of iced water.

My tactic to arrive early paid off. I could plough through some emails and make a call or two. My colleague was completely melted after running from the tube perspiring a little when he arrived a trifle late.

Judging by the craned necks from others, I think I also made someone's day by leaving my (paid for) newspaper on the table. There was huge shoulder grazing interest throughout my journey for the Sport section, with its big picture of Andy Murray and a similar sized one of the defeated England soccer team.

Like many, I watched the surprisingly close tennis yesterday and wish Murray well for the next rounds. From this morning's display of close humidity, its no wonder they reached for the Wimbledon towels after every rally.

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