Sunday, 7 June 2009

moon in the window and a bird on the pole

bar soho
Lazy weekend interspersed with wild talk of future projects for bubbleandsqueek and keyhole surgery. Ideas away from day jobs whilst wrestling with time.

We piled a collection of music, verse, theatre, writing, photography and video onto a metaphorical creaking table covered in wine and whiskey spillages which became more exuberant as the day progressed into evening.

My example is to get 'The Triangle' published - I'm still waiting for the proof copy- and now that Debra's excellent photo book "52 weeks" is in the public domain, I feel its the right time to also get my contribution out there.
debra's book
Debra's book is suitably luscious to hold and look at. It also has an unfolding story through the year 2008 and there's a subtext of moving from another country back to the UK and of the surrounding thoughts.

John has a stack of projects including the redraft of his spooky hotel scenes which he took to the Royal Court. Mel is thinking dystopian but back on planes next week. Julie is trying to ensure I spend next weekend under canvas in a muddy field.

But it also goes to show that some determination can make things happen, even around the usual hurly burly of work and the rest of living.

So the few of us sat chatting together throughout yesterday were ready for anything.

Except Monday, of course.

Clap Hands.

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