Tuesday, 9 June 2009

london tube strike walking and cycle routes

barbican, city of london
Tomorrow evening threatens the start of a London Tube strike, so I've been idly looking at some cross town pedestrian routes. These involve the somewhat inscrutable overhead walkways around the Barbican on the way to a couple of meetings sprinkled around the northern side of town.

I think both venues are quite walkable without too much trouble, so I may just start out a little earlier than usual with some string and breadcrumbs.

There's also some handy walking and bus guides from many main line stations here
bike the strike
Additionally, there's going to be a several BikeTubes which are processions of cyclists commuting along the tube routes.

And I've had them for a long time, but don't forget the rather useful free TfL maps of bicycle routes through London.

Mind the Gap.
cyril e power: the tube station

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