Sunday, 31 May 2009

sitting in the sunshine is good for chatter

Sometimes its fun to just sit in the sunshine and chat.

That was the basis of our Sunday after Jo & Andrew's occasion on Saturday.

Breakfast at the hotel. As an aside, I should count how many days away from home I've had this year so far. I noticed I was up to 28 flights since January the last time I looked on the BA site.

Then a leisurely pack and checkout from the hotel before heading to walk along the canal side and finally to arrive at the Rising Sun for a late lunch - sitting outside in the sunshine whilst various from the previous day's wedding party came and departed towards their various homes.

We stayed until late afternoon, chatting and occasionally watching a pair of buzzards swoop across the valley with the Mendip hills in the distance. Then a winding B road route back towards London where, for much of the route, we were the only car on the road.

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