Monday, 11 May 2009

Londoners - bring back Eros

I leave the city for a few days, return and they've changed the Evening Standard.

Some bright spark has decided to remove Eros from the logo, which is probably one of the recognisable parts of London for many 'out of towners', along with Big Ben, the Eye and the Gherkin.

They've also changed the paper's typeface, but the overwhelming impression now is of generic superbranding, where the word 'London' has been added so that the same format can be used in Moscow or Georgia.

The problem is that it just makes the image look bland and like any corporate house magazine. I expect someone paid a shedload of money for the makeover and the new use of "eyecatching orange" for the stripey bits is presumably to find something that isn't blue or red.

Bring back Eros. Show we love the Smoke.

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