Thursday, 9 April 2009

concentric exit pattern

When I exit a hotel or similar, I have a sort of concentric circles thing going on. Its about where my stuff is placed. The circles have to originate from near to the door and I gradually move things further in, so that I know I won't leave anything behind.

I guess I pulled out of this foreign city before Easter in a similar way, getting stuff into a wheely bag and some carry-on into a back-pack. Then down to the lobby where I dropped the big bag with the concierge whilst I took the back-pack to a cafe for one last meeting and phone conference. With latte.

Afterwards, I also stashed my backpack at this new point of origin and used the spare time to head for the cobbled streets and down to the harbour. The next boat, was in 12 minutes, so I decided to while some time on the water instead of in an airport lounge.

Just time for a circuit past the Opera House before heading back through busy streets. collecting luggage and declining a taxi to instead do what the locals do and take the train back to the airport.

I'll be back there on Tuesday.

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