Wednesday, 18 March 2009

why is the daily mail calling me at night?

I'm assuming that the Daily Mail is running out of readers now, because they appear to be lurking in shadows trying to convert me.

They (or their representatives) have been repeatedly phoning my home number to try to entice me to buy their version of the news.

I've been getting calls from one of those 0800 numbers despite having the 'opt out' system to prevent from getting cold callers. I was finally indoors when one of the calls came through and decided to pick up to find out who it was.

"The Daily Mail" explained someone with a South African accent.

He also seemed to know just slightly too much about me, like where I get papers delivered from and they were trying to persuade me to take their paper with lots of half price tokens and a £50 coupon from Marks and Spencer.

I told them I did not want their version of events and I'm wondering how many different codes of conduct they have broken.

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