Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I discover the Temporary Apartment's 1930s modernist styling is officially in the buzzing latin quarter

It turns out that this area I'm staying in is officially the local Latin quarter. I finally got around to reading a guide book, which has actually been laying around in a special box, along with an enormously expensive fashion magazine which seems to be provided as part of the service.

The little grey book, in English, describes all of the nearby cafes with words and phrases like 'funky', 'fusion', 'designer pricing', 'invitingly affordable', 'worth trying the house champagne' and my particular favourite 'Paustian complex'.

Why the interest? I've invited some of the locals for an evening together next week and need to decide on a venue. My UK equivalent code phrase in my Outlook calendar would be 'beer and curry', but somehow around here I don't think that will do it.

I'll have to choose between 'sensual simpicity', 'sophisticatedly rewarding prices' and 'cool velvet verve'.

Maybe it will be the limousine oaked ambience of a whitewashed medieval cellar? or to get-down-diggy on the wild side? I should have asked the orange boiler-suited DJ who was playing Euro-trance at the house party in the Temporary Apartment's Atrium yesterday.


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