Thursday, 12 March 2009

the horizon is a beltway and the skyline's on fire

I was chasing the sunset across the sky at 600 mph this evening, watching it as a red flamed stripe on the horizon pulling away from us.

The picture's in my head because all my electronics were out of reach.

It so fits with the Low Anthem songs I've been listening to for the last few days.

"You'll hear that distant love song when the wind blows right. Hear the whistle blowing, put a tear into your eye. You hear the distant love song but widows know the lie. The horizon is a beltway, the skyline is on fire."

Its a new CD that I expect will stay in my playlist for a long time although I've a feeling its far from mainstream.

The hand painted sleeve on my copy is numbered 2239, suggesting this band has a rather selective reach.

I also get the feeling that they can more or less play their album tracks in a single take. There's a rawness and live quality that gets edited out of many shiny productions and here the different sound stages and productions really work.

Mix some Waits, Band, Decemberists and Neutral Milk Hotel to get an idea of how to find the ghosts in the train yard and the ghosts in the drink.

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