Tuesday, 3 February 2009

snow car in the world

snowday 09
This is quite close to where I had to abandon the car yesterday.

I'd managed to drive part way to a meeting but during the journey it was cancelled, so I turned back. I couldn't have gambled on cancellation, though, and so had started out extra early. A kind of Catch-22.

On my way back, the side roads were not gritted and after being surprised by another struggling motorist driving sort of sideways, I then found my own car deciding to protest.

The various 'I know better than you' safety lights came on and it refused to move along the road. I finally got to disable the anti-skid-protection using a special button in an attempt to keep going. This allowed me to drive another wheel-slipping noisy metre before a very loud beepy warning came on and a large part of the dashboard started flashing red. I didn't know it could do that.

I had to admit defeat and snuggle it to the kerb for later retrieval. As I left it, I noticed sort of pungent tyre aroma and the black iced snow in front of the rear wheels.

One backpack, boots and gloves later, I was enjoying a walk through the still pretty snow.
snowday 09

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