Friday, 2 January 2009

wood smoke?

After the London New Year's morning view above, eventually a neighbour's wood fire created a fine smoky atmosphere alongside twinkling lights and sullen icy puddles as we returned home. It was late afternoon and we had helped the new year find its way into our lives.

Later, I watched "Paris Je T'aime" on Sky; that's the film with twenty small segments by different directors, set in a different Arrondissements. All sections are good, from simple encounters to late night vampires. It emphasized simple scenically good story telling and is quite inspirational.

As I watched, it helped me channel all kinds of ideas for '09 projects, some which made it to my trusty pencil powered notebook.

I'm also very aware that I'll be back to normal work patterns from Monday, so I'm very conscious as I look at my own blackberry calendar beginning to get blocked, that I'll soon be back to luxuriating in a whole ten minutes a day blogging time.

So I guess I'm musing that the ideas of more elaborate projects may take some inventiveness. However, I still prefer the idea to create 'net new' rather than just consume.

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