Sunday, 25 January 2009

surfeit of projects

Palace of Westminster
Usually, I write blog posts in ten minutes as a kind of daily process. Fine theory but the rate of bloggable events doesn't work like that and sometimes there's a backlog and other times nada.

I'll admit, I sometimes have a spare post (like the one about the Animal Collective CD), which is a safe bet for a day when I don't even have ten minutes. My review of Merriweather Post Pavilion was 'hot' about a week ago, but I still haven't flipped it into the flow.

If I ever do those auto post things, there's usually something else that comes along before they make it. So I do still have a smattering of drafts lurking in rashbre central over many months.

And then there's things I really wanted to talk about, like the Barbican American event, that just zip past without even a mention, simply because of time or currency.

Anyway, whats my point? I suppose my usually short posts can carry an idea, but sometimes miss other status information. If I ramble, theres a good chance that people will give up. By about here, I'd guess.

So, today I'll post slightly more because some non-work projects are making progress.

Firstly, the NaNoWriMo (novel) from ages ago is now drifting towards a book like shape. I'm told I get a publisher's draft back any time now and I'm separately talking about a cover design. I take that as a good sign. Even got the ISBN. I'm holding the movie rights over to 2010.

Secondly, the Christina Nott track count is up around 10 at the moment, so we may be able to turn it into a CD. We've actually got a more sophisticated plan for this, however, but it would require quite a bit more spare time work.

Thirdly, we are getting some plans together with Christina, John, Ray the Sax, Neal, Kate, Melanie and others to set up some kind of musical long weekend a little later in the year. To try to bosh out a live-ish album in a weekend. The problem for me is that whilst I can work fairly realistically with samplers and all things electronic, my gee-tar in is still rather cagey. I'll probably resort to what I do with Christina's stuff and semi construct some material in advance if we are serious about this. And bring a banjo.

Fourth, the recent devoted and disgruntled event seemed to go pretty well and has spawned a whole raft of possible sub-activities. I want to stay involved with this too, but suspect that the usual ground rush of 'real work' will pull me around. My trip to Norway this coming week has been canned, so I should make it to London Bloggers Meetup on Tuesday, but shortly after that I think I disappear to Denmark for a few weeks.

Don't panic. I should be back to short posts by tomorrow.

Here's Christina - wind (LA airport mix)

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