Friday, 23 January 2009

selling britain by the pound (or dancing with the moonlit knight)

There's still contra indicators to the credit crunch around town. The gaggle of mid afternoon drinkers outside pubs around Leadenhall, the well-heeled City car parks, the shops which were disdainful of January sales.
I guess there's the need for the feelgood factor to move us all along, whether its Slumdog Millionaire or what's been happening in the White House.

Something to counteract the new events unfolding every day. The non nationalised banks being bought up by Arabian interests. The pound at a 24 year low. The remaining London non-freeby paper just sold for £1 to an ex KGB agent billionaire oligarch, for his son to edit.

I'll make do with buying a copy of the Evening Standard for half of its entire company price and accepting the free accompanying umbrella. Although the nearby brolly seller didn't look too pleased, it will shelter me until I get back to where my own car is parked. Хорошего Дня.
My car is parked here too

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