Saturday, 17 January 2009


end of Bush
The process of Bush's departure and Obama's inauguration has started with Barack today boarding the train to Washington, emulating Lincoln's trip when trains were the main mode for longer journeys.
Of course, it also creates a full weekend of news as press track the journey and with the ceremony on Tuesday, I guess there'll be a holiday atmosphere in the USA on Monday before it all kicks off with the full televisual feast. I notice many US companies are arranging television screenings of the event on Tuesday.

Alternatively, a ticket to the VIP yellow area for the event itself can be found for a mere $20,000 (plus P&P).

Barack Obama shares some eloquence of speech with Abe Lincoln, although the period preceding the handover effectivley has kept him quiet whilst Bush finishes his own distinctive round of business, squeezing that last $350 billion of handout to recover from those who were allowed to operate irresponsibly during his time in office.

Obama's 'social pulpit' model is something of a contrast to Bush's 'bully pulpit', and could be instructive towards general social networking.
Back at the ranch, Bush has mumbled his last proper Press call and there's various spoof versions of it flittering around the web.

He looked worn in the conference, presumably exhausted from presiding over so much destruction and financial collapse, but with little real sign of remorse.

It will be interesting to see how the popular history records his time in office. I am sure various implements are already being sharpened.

I suppose with the smoke from warfare, economies collapsing, increasing unemployment and few recent redeeming moments, Obama walks into a role which is hardly loaded in his favour.

I'll play the Hope card here.

One of the few internet photos of rashbre as I made my obama poster today.

There is a lot to do.

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