Wednesday, 14 January 2009

lounge lizard?

Sometimes the gryphons start to creep out of the reptilian cortex, mainly in fairly predictable circumstances.

I was at the airport yesterday and, as usual, put myself into a transcendent state where 'they' cannot irritate me. Many around were less fortunate as the flight schedule collapsed because of the weather.

Fog is bad for flying and by the time one bad aircraft had been thrown into the mix requiring a return to the gate and another one cancelled completely, the schedule was becoming irrecoverable. I do what I usually do in these circumstances and don't follow everyone else, because that will result in a big and usually somewhat tense bundle queue.

Instead I found a helpful person who managed to jig me onto a late flight, so that I returned several hours later than planned, unlike the 150 people from the broken flight who I hear were placed in a hotel, due instead to fly the next day.

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