Saturday, 24 January 2009

gauging the outcome

emptyModest excitement today as I was handed a car to re-park, when I noticed the petrol tank was completely empty. As a favour I decided to fill it, knowing I'd otherwise be involved in a subsequent rescue operation.

The thing was, it was so empty that it only made it to the end of the road. Luckily the two policeman doing speed camera duties had moved on and didn't see me ignominiously coast to a halt in a side road. I managed to get it to start again and up the next hill, around a roundabout and then it died again as I coasted it into another side turning.

One last attempt, because I could see the petrol station in the distance. Various rrrrr-ing sounds and then it finally started on the last tea-spoon of petrol. Enough to get me to the pump, where it stalled again. I'm told that the petrol gauge dial (thats the other dial next to the speedometer) is not very clear on this car. Strange how quickly I spotted it.

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