Friday, 30 January 2009

carcam revisited in iMovie

A very quick re-cut of the carcam from before Christmas, just to try out a few of the features of iMovie 09. I usually edit video with Final Cut, but thought it would be interesting to see whether Apple have fixed the strangeness introduced in the last version of iMovie.

My general view is that they have. The initial interface is fairly different from most AV editors, and it took me a while to figure out how to un-hook sound, multi-track and similar. Its all there, as is precision editing, but you have to click around a little bit to find it.

I suspect I'll mainly still use FCP for video, although this package with its transitions and titling is quite good for quick editing and comes with all new Mac systems. Once I'd imported the video and a soundtrack, it was only about ten minutes to bash together this little comp. It took longer to remember the quicktime settings to embed it with scaling.

The ability to publish straight to youtube was an interesting little addition too. It takes all the decisions about compression and frame rates away and just does it. Youtube is policing the DRM rather well though and decided not to let Regina's song through.

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