Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Party

Sir Elton
We headed over to Elton John's party to see in the New Year. Through some good luck we were staying in a nearby hotel in Canary Wharf and with even more good luck were given an upgrade to a rather well-appointed suite. We could see the Dome from the room, although it was the other side of the Thames, so one stop on the Jubilee to get to the event.
A bite to eat in Brown's before heading over, anticipating the rammed nature of the restaurants at the O2. A glass or two of wine and we were ready to party.
A fun evening, everyone there to have a good time. Elton had brought much of his Las Vegas Red Piano set into the venue and the evening cracked on at a good pace, with the regulation midnight Auld Lang Syne before more showers of sparkle and the bitch is back. I know some of it was also televised, although video doesn't really capture the scale or full emotion of actually being there.

A good first tick in the box for 2009.

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