Sunday, 30 November 2008

wet musical interlude

christina in the rain
An early start today, meeting (Yay!) christina for some musical exploits. Regular rashbre central readers will know this has been a long and somewhat intermittent project as fledgling tracks emerged from the nott/rashbre collaboration with various others helping along the way.

For arcane reasons we were in a small and vaguely proper looking studio instead of the usual home made arrangements with macs and lots of cables.

I'd got to the venue at the appointed time but it was all locked up. No sign of Christina so I headed around the corner towards Oxford Street to get some breakfast. Then I spotted Christina under an umbrella staring somewhat blankly at the statue of Freddie Mercury outside the Dominion.

Christina has been in Amsterdam and New York and regaled me with the various stories of both the music and some rather intriguing sub-plots. Best left over on her site though. Some of it wasn't quite so 'workplace friendly'. I'm sure there'll be more as we get closer to a CD full of tracks.

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