Monday, 3 November 2008


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There's no 'luck of the draw' with parking in central London. You have to know where the meters and car parks are, the right zones and have that phone system set up for around Westminster. I have a few favourite places to park if I need to leave the car in the central area, but every so often will come unstuck.

Last Sunday it was Camden that caught me when I'd parked to load a big bag into the car. I'd parked in one area, got out, checked the signs and it said 'Residents Only'. So I moved to another bay further away which said 'loading 20 minutes'. It was around the corner from where I needed to pick up the bag - a two minute walk each way.

A casual look for a non motorised warden - none to be seen. A speedy return trip with the bag.


In about 6 minutes.

I did protest on the web form to Camden, but they just let it run until I phoned them.

"If you are loading, it has to be clear to the warden that you are doing so, you need to be going back and forth to the vehicle.", they explained. It amounted to pay now at half price or argue more and eventually pay the full fine. So I paid the £60. Ten quid a minute.

Still - it would have been £20 a minute if I'd continued the argument.
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