Friday, 14 November 2008

glory hope mountain

glory hope mountain
A surprise CD by The Acorn blopped through the letterbox today. Its a proper 'concept' CD; a genre less commonplace nowadays.

Penned by Canadian Rolf Klausener, and with a narrative that weaves through all of the tracks. Its quite a chilled kind of sound, good musicans who sound as if they could play the whole album without needing a stack of retakes and fancy mixing. Oddly, for a Canadian, the singer somehow reminds me of George Harrison.

It actually arrived with a second mini album from an Acorn London gig, which illustrates their performing abilities well. The sleeve notes of Glory Hope Mountain indicate a dedication to the lyricist's Honduran mother and I'm guessing that the narrative of floods and reconstructiion is biographical.

When I first heard Neutral Milk Hotel's Aeroplane over the Sea, I knew it was one I'd return to fairly often and this has some similar tonality, perhaps more laid back than Jeff Mangum's churning acoustic but with similar need to get out some reasonably intense lyrics. There's plenty enough instruments, guitar, cello, banjo, slide, and some very gentle percussion.

Something for the early end of a mellow evening.

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